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    Athlon 32 - memory address remapping

      how do you remap memory (real mode too) ?

      I've seen a program which instructs the Athlon XP (32 bits) to remap memory accesses for the purpose of 'creating' UMBs (upper memory blocks) for DOS use. Since this works in real mode, it is evidently a capability independent of the usual paging apparatus of X86 processors. The program usage docs state it is done using specific facilities available in the AMD Athlon XP proc.

      Assuming this is done using specific MSRs, but could not find the appropriate processor documentation. Can someone kindly point me in the right direction ?




        • Athlon 32 - memory address remapping

          Hi Czerno,

          Unfortunately I don't believe the AMD Athlon XP MSR's were ever published publicly as they were considered Confidential. Does the program run on newer processors such as the AMD Athlon 64? If so, you could refer to those MSR's as they are published.