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    Cannot find dlaqge in acml-4.1.0

      Need subroutine dlaqge but cannot find it in acml.h

      Hi all, I need the subroutine dlaqge to equilibrate my matrix, but cannot find it in acml.h of acml-4-1-0-pathscale64 version. This is supposed to be in LAPACK 3.1 (see http://www.netlib.org/lapack/explore-html/dlaqge.f.html). Is there anyway I can get it in acml? Or is there any way I can 'add' the dlaqge.f source code to the library? My actual code is in c++, so I am not sure how the conversion works. Thanks, Enghui
        • Cannot find dlaqge in acml-4.1.0
          dlaqge is one of the auxiliary routines. AMD has provided C interfaces for some of these, but not all. dlaqge is in the library, and you could use your favorite symbol browser to confim this.

          You can call the FORTRAN function directly from C. It's a bit tricky but it does work. Information on this in in the C interface section of the user guide.