AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding avaiable?

Discussion created by oscarbarenys1 on Jul 1, 2008
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in 4800 series launch AMD makes reference to Accelerated Video

Transcoding support for accelerated GPU video encoding. See link:


I remember from some review that this library (Accelerated Video Transcoding Interface ) was built on top of AMD CAL library.

I have some answers and hope someone inside AMD  can shed some light on this exciting library:

1. Is this library be generally avaiable as part of Stream SDK or it requires signing NDA's or partnerships with AMD, etc..

2. Also since 3x00 series support CAL will also be avaiable for these or older GPUs?

3.Any timeframe for avaiability or rough estimate (next SDK, this year,etc..)?

4.OS support ? Same as CAL OS support, Windows only?