GLSL Shader with GPU ShaderAnalyzer 1.42

Discussion created by adgen on Jun 23, 2008
Only the HLSL-Compiler to compile GLSL-Code????

Hello everybody,

got some problems with GPU ShaderAnalyzer 1.42. I would like to analyze my glsl-shader code but the program doesn't let me to compile it not with the built-in HLSL-Compiler. Thats sad because i don't want to debug D3D-Shader-code.

I tried to open the source files as *.glsl, *.fsh, *.vsh. But at the title of the program only the message "Unkown Shader Type" appears. Does anyone know, what it means? Maybe a bug?

Hope, that someone can give me answer. Thanks.



Edit: My fault. It seems that the app detected automaticaly, which type of shader code the source code is. When I've put gl_fragData[].. in it, it works. So everything is fine now..