Stream SDK doubts

Discussion created by bubu on Jun 21, 2008
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Stream SDK doubts

Hello, i'm new to the streamSDK and to the forums.

I¡m writing several applications using GPGPU... I use OpenGL and CUDA at the moment.... and got some questions about the stream SDK if you don't mind to answer:


1. Does the streamSDK work with Radeon 2400? Can I use it with a 3650?


2. Is the streamSDK SIMD-oriented like CUDA's thread warps(32 by 32) or can I use it without speed penalties if all the threads follow different branches? How big are the stream SDK HW caches(texture,L1,etc)?


3. I program in Vista ... and WinXP gonna die(EoL) in 10 days.... Is Vista x64 supported? Is VS2008 supported?


4. How is multiGPU supported? Do I need to create one thread for each Stream card?