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    Stream SDK doubts

      Stream SDK doubts

      Hello, i'm new to the streamSDK and to the forums.

      I¡m writing several applications using GPGPU... I use OpenGL and CUDA at the moment.... and got some questions about the stream SDK if you don't mind to answer:


      1. Does the streamSDK work with Radeon 2400? Can I use it with a 3650?


      2. Is the streamSDK SIMD-oriented like CUDA's thread warps(32 by 32) or can I use it without speed penalties if all the threads follow different branches? How big are the stream SDK HW caches(texture,L1,etc)?


      3. I program in Vista ... and WinXP gonna die(EoL) in 10 days.... Is Vista x64 supported? Is VS2008 supported?


      4. How is multiGPU supported? Do I need to create one thread for each Stream card?




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          1. Radeon 2400 will work and is officially support. Radeon 3650 is not officially supported but "unofficially" should work.
          Note that neither 2400 nor 3650 have double precision or global buffer.

          2. I believe there will be some penalty as threads are organized into "wavefronts" and different control paths should get serialized. This is similar to CUDA.

          3. No idea.

          4. Multi-gpu seems to be supported. Crossfire needs to be disabled. Each gpu should be attached to a display I believe.
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              Vista support is coming. That should include 32 and 64.

              VS2008 support was added in v1.1-beta. Give it a try and let us know if you find problems with it.

              For multi-GPU support in Brook+, you need to create a separate process to talk to each GPU and set BRT_ADAPTER in the environment appropriate to point to which GPU you want to talk to.