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    Can't unpack acml-4-1-0-ifort-64bit.tgz


      I have downloaded the ifort 64 bit version of acml, but the tar file appear faulty.

      Tar in suse 9.0 refuses to extract it. This is the error:

      tar: This does not look like a tar archive
      tar: Skipping to next header
      tar: Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers
      tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

      any help or suggestion?


        • Can't unpack acml-4-1-0-ifort-64bit.tgz
          I was just able to download and extract the file from the web page.

          The command I use is:
          tar -zxf acml-4-1-0-ifort-64bit.tgz

          Using tar -ztf will just list the contents of the archive.

          When I download the file using Windows, internet explorer has a bad habit of not understanding the tgz extension. But I override the .tar extension and force it to be a .tgz file, while selecting "All files" in the file type box.
          I have no such troubles when downloading on a linux system.