which events represent memory access number

Discussion created by jiayaocang on Jun 5, 2008
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which events represent memory access number? some ones of the following?
BU_INT_L2_REQ: (counter: all)
BU_FILL_REQ: (counter: all)
BU_FILL_L2: (counter: all)
MEM_PAGE_ACCESS: (counter: all)

i did a exeperiment - profiling a array-access program, and found that DATA_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_SYSTEM was smaller than array-size/cache-line-size. i guess hardware prefetch improve the cache hit ratio. but i want a memory access profiling information,including not only normal accesses but also prefetchs.

because i'm using a dual core opteron which tow core share memory controller, MEM_PAGE_ACCESS is also not accurate.

please give some advices to get the memory access number

thanks a lot in advence