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    Streams as normal function parameters

      Hello, I think I've found a issue when you use a stream as a function parameter in SDK 1.1b. If you don't specify a size it won't compile. Example:

      void str_red_aux(double2 input<> ) { }

      Brook+ output:

      str_red.br:1: Error (syntax error) before 'int'
      void str_red_aux(double2 input<> ) {
      Errors - Aborting parse.
      ***Unable to parse str_red.br


      However if you write any number as a stream size it will work:

      void str_red_aux(double2 input<9> ) { }

      According to the documentation I think you don't really need to specify the size, moreover Brook+ translates it in something that doesn't need the size:

      void str_red_aux(::brook::stream input) { }


      Second issue is related to a strange behavior, if you try to compile:

      kernel void ker_copy(float4 a<>, out float4 b<> ) { b = a; }
      kernel void ker_set1(out float4 c[], float i<> ) { c[ i ] = 1; }

      You get a really verbose error, quite large to paste here. However if you split those lines in two different files it works OK.


      Last question: Was iterator support dropped? If you try to compile:

      iter float it<10> = iter(0, 10);

      The compiler will abort:

      ERROR--1: Iterator not supported
      str_inc.br:23: float it<10>
      ***Semantic check found 1 errors

        • Streams as normal function parameters
          Hi Ceq,

          Yes, I believe iterator support was dropped.

          Thanks for the bug reports! I'll forward those on to the engineering team!

            • Streams as normal function parameters
              Hi Ceq, sorry about letting this one go for so long...

              One of the engineers pointed out that in your first case, you are trying to pass a stream into a normal function which isn't valid from a language point of view. Streams can only be passed to kernels and Brook+ assumes that and treats anything that has a stream as a parameter as a kernel.

            • Streams as normal function parameters
              Thanks Michael, I'm quite surprised because this was a standard feature in Stanford's Brook project, you can see in "prog/test" folder a few examples like "accumulate", "pack_vout" or "scan".
              Even in Brook+ it is working correctly, you just have to use the workaround mentioned above.

              I think this is a good feature and is a pity to remove it, for example:
              It can be used to split work in several functions, calling kernels from each one of them and passing the results of the previous function as a parameter, this way you can avoid having huge functions that need to setup all the streams and launch all related kernels.

              Using StreamWrite, passing it to another function as a pointer and then perform StreamRead again would be very slow.
              I think it would be particulary useful in large works or in order to reuse certain functions.