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    Stream SDK on Slackware

      SDK v1.1beta on non-RPM systems

      I've succesfully extracted the AMD Stream SDK v1.1-beta on a Slackware (non-RPM) system.  I don't actually have an ATI graphics card on the system so I wasn't able to test it completely but I was able to build (compile and link) all the routine in the samples subdirectories. 

      Here are the commands I used:


      unzip cal_brook_1.01.0_beta_lnx32.zip


      dd if=amdcal-1.01.1_beta.${arch}.run of=amdcal.tar.gz \
      bs=1 skip=16384

      tar xvfz amdcal.tar.gz
      rm amdcal.tar.gz

      rpm2tgz amdcal-1.01.1_beta-1.${arch}.rpm
      rm amdcal-1.01.1_beta-1.${arch}.rpm

      dd if=amdbrook-1.01.0_beta.${arch}.run of=amdbrook.tar.gz \
      bs=1 skip=16384

      tar xvfz amdbrook.tar.gz
      rm amdbrook.tar.gz

      rpm2tgz amdbrook-1.01.0_beta-1.${arch}.rpm
      rm amdbrook-1.01.0_beta-1.${arch}.rpm
      rm amdbrook-1.01.0_beta.${arch}.run 
      rm amdcal-1.01.1_beta.${arch}.run

      cd /

      tar xvfz /tmp/amdbrook-1.01.0_beta-1.${arch}.tgz
      tar xvfz /tmp/amdcal-1.01.1_beta-1.${arch}.tgz

      rm /tmp/amdbrook-1.01.0_beta-1.${arch}.tgz
      rm xvfz /tmp/amdcal-1.01.1_beta-1.${arch}.tgz

      export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/amdcal/lib