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    GPU backend and CPU backendtogheter  for a second node

      Hi Michael like i see i can choose if to enable CPU backend or GPU backend
      my question is :
      1) Is possible in a new revision of CAL SDK to enable CPU backend and GPU backend togheter ?

      ( i will build a second node reserved only for stream computing calculation; instead the first node i will run like a Master Node 1 for compilation and other applications + lower stream computing calculation , node 2 the Slave used for only streaming computing and massive calculation CPU and GPU used at 100% for stream computing.
      I have configured successfully the MPI program for build my GPU and CPU clusters.
      Now im waiting a new revision of CAL SDK wich support MicrosoftVS 2008 and waiting for my new R700 GPU )

      2) Can i have a customized Graphic card with 45 Nm process and 800 stream processor for each GPU and 64 TMU for each gpu ?
      (Note: the dual gpu version must have 1600 SP and 128 TMU)

      3) i have found on internet a website called GPU review (look this link)


      There is the future 4870 card and you can setting up the features ; but i think this specifications are not the real specifications.
      Like i see if i increase the GPU core Clock from the 4870 the Calculation in Teraflop will be 1008 GFLOPS=1000000008 Floating Point operations per second with a clock core from 850 Mhz. If i increasing the clock core to 950 Mhz the Teraflop calculation will become 552000 GFLOPS=552000000000 Floating point Operation
      per second.
      Is this increment showed at this website true ?
      Can you show this to the engineers and tell me more about what is true and what is fake ?
      Thanks Michael i love stream computing.
        • GPU backend and CPU backendtogheter  for a second node
          Hi cuorematto,

          In the AMD Stream SDK, with Brook+, you will only be able to enable the GPU backend or CPU backend for a particular process. Can you describe the use case in more detail where you need both GPU and CPU backends enabled at the same time?

          For the second point, are you looking for a customized card from AMD that contains those characteristics? The RV670 that is available now is 55nm so that would require a new ASIC.

          And, unfortunately, I can't comment on next gen GPUs. :-) Coming soon... :-)

            • GPU backend and CPU backendtogheter  for a second node
              First point 1) If you unlock the GPU and CPU backend togheter the calculation power will become a little better insted using only the GPU; what i will tell you is GPU+CPU = results in less time instead of using only the GPU for calculation.

              Second point 2) Yes i need a graphic card with those characteristics and i can spend out 600euro or more for a card with those characteristics .
              can i have one ? I will pay now. Even at the end of 2008 year can i have for example in December if is this possible ?
              A customized R700 at 45 nanometer with more Stream processor and more Texture management unit and 32 Raster operation processor for GPU instead of 16 for each GPU.

              For point 3) I want only know if is true we have a increment of 552000 GFLOPS
              increasing the gpu clock core to 950 Mhz ; at 850 Mhz clock core we have 1008 GFLOPS
              at 950 Mhz clock core have we really 552000 GLOPS ?
              are this performance increment true ?

              4)Another question how many will be the calculation power using INT data type instead of using Floating point data type ?
              For example if we have a calculation power of 1008 GFLOPS for floating point calculation how many will be the calculation power if i use only INT data type ?

              Why not customized products for exclusive customers.
              Standard product for all Pc users; exclusive product for exclusive customers.
              Yes i know a customer can say i will a GPU with 6000 stream processor and after all not have money for this.
              Customers must to reserve the product wants AMD make a estimate the product you need costs $$ the customers must to give a cash advance to AMD and after months when the product is ready shipping it to the customers have required.
              Let me know more about the questions i have written.
              Thanks Giuseppe.