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    Expanded Configuration Space

      How to read ECS?


      I’m trying to read an expanded configuration space (from 100h to 1FFh) of Device 24 of Phenom processor. I use the following function for that purpose

      function GetPCRD(Bus, Dev, Func, Reg : word): dword;
      SetPortLong($0CF8, $80000000 or ((Reg and $F00) shl 16) or (dword(Bus) shl 16) or ((dword(Dev) and
      $1f) shl 11) or ((dword(Func) and $07) shl 8) or (Reg and $fc));

      Unfortunately, the ECS is the same as base configuration space (00h – FFh). I have checked the EnableCf8ExtCfg bit of the NB_CFG MSR and it is set! Can someone help me please?