CAL cannot find 2nd card on dual hd3870 without monitor attached

Discussion created by janfal on Apr 29, 2008
Latest reply on May 7, 2008 by michael.chu

I have a dual hd3870 machine (crossfire not enabled) running winxp 64 bit. It seems as if the catalyst driver (8.4) will not enable the second card without a monitor attached. calDeviceGetCount is returning 1 with one monitor connected to one of the cards and the other empty. If I connect both cards to monitors Catalyst and CAL both behave as expected (ie both cards appear and calDeviceGetCount returns 2). I managed to get it to work by connecting the second monitor until catalyst enabled the card and then removed it. The device stayed alive for that windows session; however, upon shutdown/restart it disappeared again. I assume it is the autodetect feature, but rather than play tug of war with the driver I figured I would see if anyone else had a similar experience and got it to work permanently. So to sum up, I want 1 monitor with 2 cards enabled without using crossfire.

Thanks in advance