brook+ on XP x64 / AMD64

Discussion created by bayoumi on Apr 27, 2008
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what is the "official" procedure to compile & link a brook+ applications such as under XP x64 running on a Phenom AMD64?
The specific questions are:
1- should I be using the compiler/linker under 2003 SDK customized for AMD64? Please not that the ones originally under VC/bin do not launch from xp64.
2- Which libraries & includes for both /MT & /MD, the ones under the SDK & AMD64 directory or the ones under VC2005?
3- I was not able to run the brook_d.exe that comes with xp64 brook kit, only the brook.exe
4- Assuming I recompile the brook library using 64bit compile/link, will I be able to link to 32b cal layer?

5- I tried everything, but it seems it does not recognize the brook.lib at all. Things go through only if I use everything x64/AMD64 bin, lib & includes. I get one of the following errors:
a- using either /MDd or /MD, the .exe file generated, but at runtime it complains MSVCP80D.dll /MSVCP80.dll not there. In the release build case, the dll is there!
b- using /MTd or /MT, it complains during linking about unresolved externals such as kernel, ... I get the same result if I do not include the brook_d/brook.lib in the path!

6- I get the same results regardless I work from batch files or vc2005
7- Using the brook.lib under the xp32 SDK does not help

Thank you