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    Is Scatter supported and working?

      It seems that although the scatter ability seems to compile no one has yet to get it to function properly.

      Is there a sample that AMD/ATI can give us where they successfully have used scatter?

      Michael has mentioned that using float as the index might be a problem but I'm not sure what else you could use considering ints are not yet supported.

        • Is Scatter supported and working?
          Hi ryta1203,

          One of the engineers upstairs gave us a sample scatter code.

          One of our AEs (either Marc or Udeepta) will test it out on v1.0.2-beta to make sure it works and we'll post it on the forum.

          Sorry for the delay in replying! It's been a busy week full of meetings. :-)

            • Is Scatter supported and working?

              There is now a scatter example available at:


              This code reflects the current scatter limitations (1D scatter target stream, 128 bit
              element size).

              Simply drop the scatter directory in your desktop and build.

              -- marcr