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    CodeSleuth Code Analysis


      since CodeSleuth is running now i have another question:

      After selecting an *.ca file, i can see the the packes in the Navigator View with certain percentages (how much time/processing power) a certain class/method needed. All the library classes are correctly shown however my classfiles (except for an unimportant one) are not shown. And if i add those percentages then i count maybe 2% - but where are the other 98? Because those are the interessting classes/methods :-)

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          A couple of notes.

          Note that CodeSleuth only see's Jitted methods, or methods that were compiled by the JVM into x86 instructions in memory. It is possible that the method that you wanted test was not compiled by the JVM. This certainly happens with code that is not considered 'hot' WRT the JVM.

          If you really want to see this method consider creating a test case which calls it frequently (>1000).

          Another possibility is that the method was small, and got inlined into the calling method(s). So the code is not seen by it's own method name. In this case note whether a *known* caller appears in the CodeSleuth Navigation View as taking some time.

          Regarding %'s not adding up to 100. When CodeAnalyst/CodeSleuth is analysing, it measures the performance of the whole system. So the percentages refer to % of the whole machine spent in this method or at a specific line of code.

          One disadvantage that CodeSleuth has over CodeAnayst is that there are always two JVM's running, the one running your application and the JVM running Eclipse itself. If you have a bunch of other applications running then these will also 'dilute' the percentage of reported time against your workload.