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    GCC 4.2.0 wont compile but appears to install okay


      I have tried to install GCC 4.2.0 by downloading the rpms off of the AMD website.  I am using RHEL 4.0

      After I install all the RPM (except the one listed below), i try to compile and it says it cant find iostream, sstream, etc.  What is going on here?  How do I fix this?

      Thanks in advance


      FYI, the link below is broken.  do i need this file? http://developer.amd.com/Downloads/libstdc++-devel-amd-barcelona-rhel4-4.2.0-1.x86_64.rpm

        • GCC 4.2.0 wont compile but appears to install okay

          I fixed the problem, although it took a while.  AMD should really get on the ball and fix this.

          The file I indicated was not around for download still isnt available.  I believe this is the missing file I needed to fix my problem.

          What I did to fix it:

          I went to the GCC 4.1.2 webpage and actually found documentation!!! It told me how to rebuild the rpm's from the src.rpm files.  I downloaded the src.rpm files now for the 4.2.0 installation, extrapolated the procedures from 4.1.2  to 4.2.0, and then reinstalled the newly rebuilt binaries.

          Ive done a fair amount of work with the Intell icc compiler, it was much easier to use than this one.  Here are some things which are STILL unclear to me from looking on the website:

          1. Can i use the newest gcc version from the gnu website and expect my code to still run the fastest??? If so, then why doesnt AMD post the newest version on their website.  If not, then why doesnt AMD fix the bugs on the webpage and provide better documentation to the newest version they have available for the tools.