Scatter Question

Discussion created by ryta1203 on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on May 21, 2008 by michael.chu
Is it possible to scatter into a stream without using the scatter function. I am looking at the scatter-gather example in the SDK and it's a very simple example.

For instance, if I want to do something like this:

a[0] = x * y / z + c[4]

The problem is that the array sizes for a and c are not the same, a is larger by *8.

I need something like:

a[indexof(c)+height*length*8] = x*y/z+c;

where c is a stream with dimensions height*length

I know I can do this:

c = x*y/z+a[indexof(c)+height*length*8], so is there anyway to do the opposite of that?