AMD Don't Phase out Single Cores

Discussion created by TabbyTabs on Apr 3, 2008
Single Core still has its uses

Knowing how technology evolves quickly, old models tend to be phased out because they get left behind in terms of performance and in this case single core processors. But despite being left behind in that department they still remain their functionality and still performs solidly as an office computer. Having said that, I think that single core processors still has a big market. Though some might argue that dual core is the "in thing" or quad core is "the future" I beg to differ those things don't really matter in an office environment. What matters is that you have a reliant computer that can do your job(word, excel, access, internet,etc.). Nobody really finds time to play serious games in the office like Titan quest, Rainbow 6 Vegas etc.(yahoo games for the most part to kill boredom). Not only that single core processors are energy efficent as well which saves electricity and that's I really loved what AMD did to their 64 series. i myself own 5 computers with an Athlon 64 LE-1620 in it and at 45watts(plus the LCD at 22w it runs at around 100w) it really saves alot of energy(plus its a step up from the P-III)and that's a good thing for small offices.I hope AMD won't phase out their single cores just yet. there is still a very big market out there for it and i'm one of them. I also hope that AMD keeps making their processors more energy efficient. An 18-20w single core processor would be super!