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    CubeMapGen suggestion

      It would be very helpful if there was a way in the CubeMapGen GUI to batch-load six bitmaps all in one go, instead of loading each direction one-by-one. Maybe there could be support for the 3ds Max convention...

      +X = name_RT.ext
      -X = name_LF.ext
      +Y = name_UP.ext
      -Y = name_DN.ext
      +Z = name_BK.ext
      -Z = name_FR.ext

      I use CubeMapGen almost daily, for converting skyboxes into diffuse cubes, or for fixing seams in diffuse cubes generated by other means. It can get pretty tedious loading the sides one by one, every time. I would use the command line, but that assumes I know what settings I want to use, there's no visual feedback.

      It would also be a big help to be able to save/load the UI settings, or at least be able to set my own defaults for the GUI options.

      Thanks for listening!

      Eric Chadwick
      Lead Artist
      Whatif Productions LLC
        • CubeMapGen suggestion
          Hi Eric,

          Thanks for the suggestion. We've passed your feedback on to the product team, who have noted it in their feature request database.

          We appreciate your input to help make our products more useful!
          • CubeMapGen suggestion
            I also noticed that the Basemap function is working incorrectly. It seems to be flipping the image vertically. If I pre-flip my image file, the Basemap looks correct on my loaded OBJ file.

            Perhaps the fault lies with the OBJ loader, maybe it's flipping the V texture coordinate?

            Basemap also looks flipped on the supplied torus.obj, pretty obvious when I load a bitmap with some text in it. For comparison I loaded the same combo in 3ds Max, and the bitmap doesn't appear flipped.