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Discussion created by cuorematto on Mar 13, 2008
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Hi friends i again .
I have printed and readed the CAL SDK documentation attached with CAL SDK
on page 18 there is a programming comment
\\Creating context w.r.t. to opened device
CALcontext ctx= 0;
calCtxCreate(ctx, device);
what mean w.r.t?
w i think is for write, r i think is for read; but t. ? what is this
whath mean t.?

question number 2 calShutdown needs to be called before the application exits.

need to be called before the entire application exits or before the function calls exits?

question number 3 what is a domain ?
look the souce code \\Setting domain
CALdomain domain = (0,0,256,256);
Whath is this ?

question number 4
the compiler also removes unnecessary computations in the programs and optimizes the use of processor resource like temporary registers.
How make the compiler to hoose which computations are unnecessary and which yes ? (( page 22 chapter 4 cal programming guide ))