can't find source code for debug dll's with pdb's

Discussion created by arcanor on Mar 8, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2008 by arcanor
I've built some debug DLLs for use with my application. The debug DLLs are created with PDB files, and I have all the c++ source files here too of course, since I'm building them myself with VS2005. One such DLL is "RakNetDebug.dll", and it resides in my run folder, obviously.

However when I run a Time-base profile in CodeAnalyst it keeps showing me the assembler code (which I don't want) when I try to drill down into the DLL's function calls, and gives an error message saying "The source information for that module at that address is unavailable." In the CodeAnalyst tab for "RakNetDebug.dll - Data", I see several symbol names with big offset values from one single function name (i.e. "RakNet::BitStream::GetNumberOfBitsUsed+398808", and various other offsets), instead of actual function names like I see in my executable file's data tab. I can drill down to source code without any problems when I look at the EXE. It's just the DLLs that I can't see into.

I've tried going into my CodeAnalyst Options and setting the Source Directories to include the location of the RakNet source files. I've also set the "Debug File Search Paths" to include the folder which includes the RakNet PDB (which is called "raknetdebug.pdb"). I've also tried copying the PDB into my run folder along with the main app which I'm profiling. However none of this has helped thus far.

How can I configure CodeAnalyst to successfully drill down into the RakNetDebug.dll's C++ source code?

I'm using CodeAnalyst version 2.76.358.0, and I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ CPU, and 2.5gb of RAM.