Using same HD3870 for both Stream Computing & Display output

Discussion created by bayoumi on Feb 20, 2008
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What is the penalty for using the same GPU card such as HD3870 for both Stream Computing (Such as ACML matrix operations), and still use its output for LCD monitor control (regular apps, not games for display output).

The question arises when you want to use a PCI-E Gen2 /HT3.0 for a motherboard such as 790FX chipset. If the penalty is high, then the second PCI-E G2 16X slot is useless when using two parallel card for computing (the second will be used for normal desktop LCD display).

Again, a one PCI-E G2 x16 slot on the 770 chipset makes it impossible to use stream computing on it. The other option is to wait for the RS780?
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