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    available stream types in brook+

      Hi there,

      Would anybody mind letting me know if double or int stream types are available currently in brook+? I'm new to brook and I don't have hardware yet so I've just been experimenting. I've been running brcc from the command line on some very simple .br files, and I only seem able to get float-based kernels to work.

      For example, trying:

      kernel void dsum(double a<>, double b<>, out double c<> )


      brcc dsum.br

      does not seem to work, with an ERROR message in the output .cpp file. The same happens if I change the doubles to ints. Yet if I change the doubles to floats it works fine and outputs a suitable .cpp file. Should I indeed be able to do this? (Or have I missed something in the documentation or do I have a problem with my setup?)

      Thanks a lot,