"The start trace point was not encountered" message

Discussion created by btr_ on Jan 17, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2008 by fswehosky
Cant perform pipeline simulation

CodeAnalyst error appears with message "The start trace point was not encountered in the execution..." although start trace point is setted and is on line that sure was executed in prev runs of profiler (with TBP and EBP).

My setting are:
60s profile duration, 10-199 x1000 (tried different values) max instructions to trace,
continue application after trace has completed on

But whole run takes few seconds. Some window with fast scrolling text line appears then almost immediately closes and I get that error message. Moreover the program I try to profile isn't run after session termination.
With other profiles it runs fine and stays runned (as settings say) after profile session termination.

Please advise what I doing wrong?