ACML errror:  in ZGELSD

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ZGELSD does not work for m,n > 60, ZGELSS works fine

When trying to use ZGELSD (SVD least squares divide-conquer), I get errors for all problem sizes over m>60
** ACML error: on entry to DLASD8 parameter number 2 had an illegal value

However, when I use ZGELSS (SVD least-squares) on the exact same C code, it works fine (I've tried up to m=1000 and compared it to matlab and everything matches to ~1e-15.)

I'm using ACML 4.0.1 gfortran64_mp_int64 and gcc 4.2.2 on Linux (quad opteron)

I've compiled all the code in the examples and performance directory, and those report no errors, and the OpenMP scaling is working well.

Is there a known issues with ZGELSD?

Perrrin Meyer