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      How Can I control what the TV out( such as svideo etc) output?

      Hi dear fiend:
      We want to use the ATI card to play in monitor with TV out ( such as svideo ) and control the content that ATI card outputs through TV out. When something have setted and connected well, the primary monitor plays as usual,but the other displays only what the player displays(it only shows what the players display).
      I have finded ATI SDK and ATI manuals for this problem,but for now I can't solve this problem, please help me.

        • lu_weichao@newautovideo.com
          what do you mean with: it only shows what the players display
          Do you plug your tv jack to your Ati Graphic Card Tv Out??
            • lu_weichao@newautovideo.com
              I am very sorry for I have not said clearly. I want to use ATI card to play in monitor with TV out through programming. for example, I have two monitors .one connects with ATI card through VGA, which shows player(not full screen playing) and other thing,such as web etc; the other through S_video shows only what the player is playing with full screen. I can do this with ATI SDK and DirectX ??
              I have Catalyst Control Center installed .I also know how to set up the secondary monitor in extended mode or in clone mode. but they can't only show
              what I want.