Quad crossfire with hd 3870 please !

Discussion created by zeke01370 on Dec 21, 2007
can i put 4 hd 3870's in crossfire?

Hello Freinds! (and happy holidays)

I have been saving up for a gaming computer to play all the newest games such as crysis, age of conan, half life 2 exc... I was really hoping someone here could point me in the direction of an AMD 7 series motherboard that gives enough space between each pci express 2.0 slot to allow for 4 separate hd 3870 video cards to be set up (and still leave space for a gaming sound card and air flow) If it must block he pci slots then so be it, I will find a ribon cable pci slot extension cable somewhere. BUT I was really hoping there is even a motherboard out there that will take a quad core phenom processor, and 4 hd 3870's. BY THE WAY!!!..please do not post back telling me to get the ASUS M3A32 motherboard!..If you look carefully at he pci express slots, the last one is spaced too close to the third slot, which will not allow for 4 hd 3870's (even if I were to get 4 aftermarket cooling heatsinks for each card) THANX FOR YOUR HELP !