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    CodeAnalyst v. 2.76: Error

      There is a problem writing the profile to the file

      I have upgraded CodeAnalyst from v. 1.2.7 to the latest 2.76.
      However, each try to launch the profiler leads to error:
      "There is a problem writing the profile to the file, please try again."
      I have searched for this version (2.76) and error in this forum, but found nothing.

      Any suggestions?

      Btw: running on Win32 bit with 64 bit CPU (Athlon 64 x2 4800+).
        • CodeAnalyst v. 2.76: Error
          After you updated to CodeAnalyst 2.76, did you reboot your system before your launch CodeAnalyst?
          We had changed driver that requires reboot system to load new driver.
            • CodeAnalyst v. 2.76: Error
              Yes, I did. After all, CodeAnalyst 1.2.7 doesn't need rebooting at all.
              I beleive the problem is within this driver, because after installing v.2.76, CodeAnalyst 1.2.7 stopped working.
              Now, I have removed CodeAnalyst 2.76 and reinstalled 1.2.7.

              Just for testing purpose, I've installed version 2.76 on Win32/Athlon XP 2800+ (32bit) and surprisingly it didn't show any error!

              At the moment, I'm not interested in the issue, but methinks there is a trouble with multicore 64 bit CPU support on 32 bit OS