if he will be refued by your compy?

Discussion created by Rose on Dec 4, 2007
my sincere request

Dear Sir or Madam:
I do not know if you can see my message, but I also want to have a try .I am a girl living in china. These days my boyfriend passes the interview of your company, but he will be refused by your company because of his liver ailment. When he passes the interview of your company, he is so happy; during such a long time he has a dream that he can work in AMD.I know liver ailment is a contagious disease. Living with him such a long time, I am health .so it is not so terrible. He is so young and capable of software, given a chance; he will do it very well. As his girl friend I really do not know what I should do to help him. So many people get that disease in China; give them such chances will make your company get a very well public praise.
I sincere request you give him chance and let him devote his knowledge to your company.
Thank you for reading my message. Because my English level is so limited, so my letter is not so good, but my ~~~~~~~~
I hope your company will be thriving and prosperous day by day!
Yours sincerely