Need AMD diemap for a obsolete part.

Discussion created by tomm on Nov 29, 2007
Sorry if this is the wrong location to post this question (and long). I have a die manufactured by AMD and would like to get a diemap which identifies the pad locations.Which I believe is a Negative Adjustable Regulator, the p/n I have is a LINEAR part number, LT137AH, I realize I could have the wrong part to begin with or did AMD manufacture parts for other die/chip manufacturers which they packaged? I would of liked to attach a picture of die w/AMD logo(how?). Maybe somebody can tell where I can get information on this die manufactured by AMD (small 7 pad device). Also excsue me as this not my exact line of work. Thanks in advance, Tomm. (I realize also I'm looking for a needle in a haystack but I'd thought I give it a shot). The die has no numbers, letters, etc.