acml_mp doesn't do threading (gfortran 4.2.2)

Discussion created by apstc on Nov 22, 2007
Edit: solved, it does go into multi-threading mode.


I'm testing HPL (www.netlib.org/benchmark/hpl) with acml_mp 4.0.1.
The version of gcc & gfortran is 4.2.2. Somehow, the HPL code doesn't
execute in multi-threaded way even if I've properly set

The gfortran command is:
gfortran -W -Wall -fopenmp -DAdd__ -DF77_INTEGER=int -DStringSunStyle -lacml_mp -lacml_mv ...

To verify that my installation of gcc/gfortan is correct, I've successfully run
an OpenMP-enabled Fortran code (but without using acml_mp).

Any idea/pointer on how to track and fix this problem?