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    Problems w/playing VHS tapes on ATI TV Wonder 200

      novice user unable to play VHS tapes at SP speed

      Hi; having a hard time being able to play VHS tapes at SP speed (audio is fine, but video sticks on 2 frames and just keeps flipping them back and forth), tapes at EP speed (the slower speed) play fine......? I have tried 2 different VCRs, tried hooking up the VCR 2 different ways (through the RCA inputs on the attached hardware and through the dish network receiver), and even tried going through different software (windows media encoder) - nothing works! I am new to the TV wonder 200 and like it so far (I have a dish network hooked up to it and it works great) but can't figure this one out! I'm not sure what info anyone out there would need to answer this question, but will be more than happy to get the info! Please help! =) Thanks!