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    the ATI 9800

      need answers

      I love the ATI 9800 AIW ever since it first came out (I was 1 fo the 1st to get it). But now for some reason the multimedia functions do not wish to function. I keep gettin a "Fatal Error" message "AtiSServ LogManager Failed To StartUp!" I've tried all sorts of methods to fix (even removal and reload, previous restore, ect.) but to no sucess... Does anybody have an idea for a fix,, besides buying a newer version.
      All help would be appriciated.
        • the ATI 9800

          In order for us to help you, please describe in more detail the multimedia application you are developing, the OS type and version you are running, your display driver version, and the steps we can take to reproduce your problem.

          If this is not a development related issue, perhaps the experts at the AMD Game forum might be better able to answer your question: http://forums.amd.com/game/

          Thank you.