Windows: Profiling System calls

Discussion created by tobix on Oct 19, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2007 by tobix
I am profiling a small test program, which does 4 things:

- create a piece of memory (which is normally delivered by a camera)
- rotate that memory by 90°
- create a windows DIB (using the Windows API CreateDIBitmap)
- display that bitmap.

If I measure the times using QueryPerformanceCounter most of the time is consumed by "CreateDIBitmap".

CodeAnalyst always claims that the rotation is the most expensive part.

How can can I measure the real time consuming parts using Code Analyst.
I have tried TBP, EBP (with CSS), but the "CreateDIBitmap" call does not really take time.

So what I am doing wrong that I get these huge differences between the two measurements?