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      Are there any plans to update the compiled ScaLAPACK extensions to ACML?

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          Rob, a question please,
          I find some errors when compile using Gnumake
          in example-scalapack subdrectory, where I should
          ask for help?

          thank a lot

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              AMD will not be updating the ScaLAPACK versions.

              ScaLAPACK is highly dependent on various other libraries that must be built and installed on the system. Especially important is the MPI library. We found that it was very difficult to ensure that our ScaLAPACK build was compatible with the many types of MPI that customers would use. Once MPI is running correctly on a system, it is not too difficult to download ScaLAPACK from www.netlib.org/scalapack and build it.

              Changing the BLASLIB variable in SLmake.inc to point to the installed ACML will ensure that the best BLAS library is used.