AMD 64 X2 (AM2) 6400+ Heatsink

Discussion created by Toonces on Sep 15, 2007
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Does the 6400+ require a different heatsink than the 4200+?

I bought an AMD 64 X2 (AM2) 4200+ CPU awhile back and now that the prices have dropped significantly, I want to upgrade to the 6400+.

I have found that I can buy the "Black Edition" of the CPU but it doesn't include a heatsink, so I am wondering if I can use the same heatsink that came with my retail 4200+.

The AMD website listed a number of different manufacturers that make heatsinks for the 6400+, but didn't indicate whether or not the heatsink for other models in the same format (AM2) would be sufficient....

I just don't want to create unnecessary damage if possible.