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    AMD 64 X2 (AM2) 6400+ Heatsink

      Does the 6400+ require a different heatsink than the 4200+?

      I bought an AMD 64 X2 (AM2) 4200+ CPU awhile back and now that the prices have dropped significantly, I want to upgrade to the 6400+.

      I have found that I can buy the "Black Edition" of the CPU but it doesn't include a heatsink, so I am wondering if I can use the same heatsink that came with my retail 4200+.

      The AMD website listed a number of different manufacturers that make heatsinks for the 6400+, but didn't indicate whether or not the heatsink for other models in the same format (AM2) would be sufficient....

      I just don't want to create unnecessary damage if possible.
        • AMD 64 X2 (AM2) 6400+ Heatsink
          I'm just another owner, not AMD personell, but I might offer some guidance. I own an X2 4800, X2 5200, and X2 6000. With the subsequent frequency jumps made in these processors, the heat given off increases. If you're applicaiton/processes use a high percentage of the cpu for long periods of time I'd recommend a better heatsink for your 6400, than came with the 4200. I use the Artic Cooler freezer (about $35), and run an app that runs both cores at 100% continuously. Current temp on the AMD64 X2 6000's CPU is 48C and ambient room temp (measured at wall 6" from computer) is 80.4 F (26.9C). I just got home and haven't turned down the AC yet, but the cpu temps are normally about 44 to 45C.

          When I ran the stock heatsink on the X2 6000 machine at full load, it ran 61C.

          [edit]Dang the price dropped to $20 http://www.newegg.com/Product/...x?Item=N82E16835185125 I also don't work for newegg
          • AMD 64 X2 (AM2) 6400+ Heatsink
            Thanks.... I think I'll just go with the 6000+ as it comes with a heatsink and is cheaper...with almost as good performance specs...