Building and running on Gentoo Linux

Discussion created by "znmeb on Sep 13, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2007 by leiy
I've got two Gentoo systems, an Athlon Thunderbird and an Athlon64 X2. CodeAnalyst compiles and installs fine on both systems, but for some reason, the Thunderbird can't collect a profile -- it generates zero samples in the buffer. Is that because the chip is missing some counters, or because of something else? I've looked at the oprofile logs in /var on the Tbird and they look right -- it looks like oprofile is starting up, collecting data and shutting down under CodeAnalyst's direction correctly.

On a related note, is there some way I can *export* the oprofile command string / counter definitions for the various CodeAnalyst profiles? I'd like to be able to run oprofile independently of CodeAnalyst (from the command line with X shut down!) and then post-process the oprofile results with CodeAnalyst. To do that I need to get the "opcontrol" command strings for the various profile types. Right now, it looks like I have to start a profile up with CodeAnalyst and grab the command string out of the /proc filesystem manually. There must be a better way!