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    unknown module pid

      I'm getting unknown module pid while I shouldn't (latest beta)

      Apparently latest beta still hasn't got this fixed. I'm trying to profile Second Life. It's build using MS Visual C++ 2005 Express.

      In the System Data tab it says "unknown module pid" for the main process and off course if I double click it I can't do anything useful as it can't find symbols nor source.

      In the Processes tab I get the same if I click the secondlife.exe. It gives me the list of related processes and the main thread is again marked as "unknown module pid".

      I know this is supposed to happen in case of JIT but C++ binaries aren't exactly JIT.

      In the past I always managed to fix this by meddling with my compiler settings until I found one that allowed CodeAnalyst to detect the correcty binary. I'd really like to find out what is causing this as I can't profile properly if this happens.
        • unknown module pid
          It looks like CodeAnalyst failed to enumerate process and module info.
          What OS was it on? Is there a way to get secondlife.exe?
          • unknown module pid
            The OS is Windows XP SP2. I can send you a copy of secondlife.exe if you want me to. I should check how big it is at home but I think it's only 4MB (it does off course have a huge accompanying .pdb). Note that the secondlife.exe binary is not going to run unless you actually have all the other supporting libraries and such too. Can you by any chance give a rough description what it does to enumerate proces and module info and what may affect the chances?

            Upto now it just seems to be based on luck. In most cases I can fix it by changing compiler/linker settings but there seems to be little logic in it. Especially as a working set of compiler/linker parameters may suddenly no longer yield a binary for which CodeAnalyst is able to enumerate process and module info.