ACML 4.0.0 now available

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ACML 4.0.0 is now posted on

The primary changes in 4.0.0 include support for the Barcelona processors and an update of the LAPACK to the new 3.1.1 version.

Barcelona support right now consists of new DGEMM, SGEMM, and CFFT kernels.
A CPUID processor family check determines which version of the kernel will be used.
More kernels will be added in future releases of ACML.

Other changes include:
1. A fix in the DGEBRD routine which affected certain problems in the MOLPRO application.
2. The addition of some LAPACK utility routines to the windows DLL libraries. The routines added are: *lassq, *lassrt, ilaver, *isnan. Other new LAPACK routines added are dsgesv, zcgesv, dstemr, sstemr, cstemr, and zctemr, which are all part of the 3.1.1 update.
3. Use of less aggressive optimization flags when compiling the DGEMM FORTRAN cleanup kernel. This resolves a problem where partitioning a DGEMM call into smaller N problem sizes would give slightly different answers compared to calling DGEMM with the full problem. This fix is applied to the gfortran and pgi linux64 libraries.

The Barcelona kernels only operate in 64-bit mode. Because of this, we have not provided 32-bit versions of the new library, except for the ifort-win32 library.