Increasing clock speed, or (?);

Discussion created by jeffreydavidmorris on Aug 12, 2007
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Increasing clock speed, or (?);

Hello "AMD",

Hope all is well with sales & over all business. Listen, I had a question, that I need to breakdown with alittle background information, thus, so you'll will more able & aware to help me.

I got a single processor (Sempron 3200+, 1.79 GHz), running out of a PC computer tower case of: "Compaq" Presario SR1810NX, with "Windows XP Home Edition" and "IE6 (don't want & don't like IE 7) and with a total ram of 1.18 GB, C drive = NTFS, free - (70.1 GB), used - (16.1 GB) with a total of: (86.3 GB) as of Sunday, 08/12/07, 1:03pm, and have had it for a couple of year's now & like to have 'much' background stuff running = 'processes', BUT, I know and/or heard that with a single processor, one shouldn't have more than (16 - 17) processes running, (according to Task Manager, in the bottom left hand corner). I am running running (54), as of: Sunday, 08/12/07, 1:06pm.I do want to eventually go out and but a 'quad-core', and then have built - a computer around (it), thus, to be able to mutli-task without any slowing or dragging, etc.; that's 4 processor's instead of merely one, one which feels like dial-up internet service, which I have (DSL High Service). But I need to way turn up clock speed, which now is alittle hard, unless and/or until I go out and but a 'quad-core', and then have built - a computer around (it). And I use my PC for home use/home user. There's alot of program's & stuff I'd like to have installed & running at start-up & running in the background, say, (100) maybe, but I can not allow that under the current/present use of this single processor. I do have the installed program's of: AMD Clock - (currently/presently CPU0 1800 MHz), AMD CPU Setup (2.82 MB), CPU Setup (8.08 MB), AMD DashBoard, AMD MCat Setup and AMD Power Setup, (and I do cleaning scan's daily, clear internet stuff, disk up up, disk defrag, check for updates, and much more like a tech, even with a "Belarc" computer profile, breakdown & showing all the stuff & info on & of my PC). So my question is: whatelse can I do or get in & of a free download - anywhere online that might help, even if small, to increase my AMD Sempron 3200+, 1.79 GHz, clock speed, at least until I can get around to getting that ideal 'quad-core'? Thank you so very much in advance, good day.