Is it possible to see source code in .NET analysis?

Discussion created by PetriJR on Aug 5, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2007 by leiy
I was positively surprised to find CodeAnalyst for Windows and furthermore it was nice to see it could profile .NET code on my Athlon 64.

However, I was wondering if it is possible to see my source code in the analysis? I can now find out the the functions/methods where most time is spend but when I double click on the function/method, I get just the assembly code alongside with symbols like NameSpace.Class::MyFunction+128 etc.

In the Options/Directories I have configured Additional Source Dir to point to the folder that contains source for the particular function that i'm interested in, as my sources are distributed in several folders.

Q: Could I point the additional source dir to point to the root source-folder which contains some source files and then other source files are in subfolders? Would CodeAnalyst find those sources?

Then I've put Debug File Search Paths to point the bin\Debug folder of my .NET project which contains the debug-compiled executable that I start as well as the .NET debug files.

Any comments? Is this possible with .NET?