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    Call Stack Sampling

      How do you enable Call Stack Sampling. The checkbox is disabled for me, even in the help file sample image the checkbox is disabled..
        • Call Stack Sampling
          The Call Stack Sampling in CodeAnalyst does not work for JIT code, Java or .NET. If the application is a Java or .NET application, the "Call Stack Sampling" checkbox is disabled.

          We are considering to provide "call graph profile" for JIT code like Jave and .NET app in our future version of CodeAnalyst.

            • Call Stack Sampling

              More than three years later, I am trying to follow the same tutorial as the OP, and it still is broken.

              I'm not asking for call stack sampling for JIT code. I just want a tutorial that I can follow, where the steps in the tutorial actually work. If that means the example has to be non-JIT, non-.NET C++ code, so be it. No problem. Just provide such an example, and have the tutorial direct the user to it instead of telling us to use an example that, as it turns out, uses JIT code.

              Or to put it more simply, someone must be responsible for the tutorial in the on-line help: let them download CodeAnalyst from the web site onto a computer, and let them follow all the instructions in the tutorial step by step. Whenever something doesn't occur exactly as the tutorial said it would, fix the tutorial or fix the example code that it is using.