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Ryzen 3200g discrete cpu issues

Question asked by thetrooperx86 on Oct 17, 2020

I just built a budget system using a 3200g for my girlfriend, and it runs fine with one major exception... when I use my RX580 as the primary gpu, the system either A. fails to boot and I get no display or B. it boots into windows but will only run for about 10 minutes before I get display corruption and it crashes. 


Here are my system specs

Gigabyte DSH310 B450M motherboard

Ryzen 3200g 

16gb Corsair vengance ram

650watt Coolermaster psu

Strixx RX580 8GB

At first I thought I had a bad PCIe controller on the motherboard. However I have tested the chip now in a second motherboard which is an X470 chipset and I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried the GPU in my ryzen 2700x system and it works just fine. I have also tried different memory to no avail. I have all the latest bios updates for both systems, as well as the gpu drivers and chipsets. the thing is the system runs just fine when using the intergrated vega 8 graphics but as soon as I plug in the rx580 to the system with the 3200g I have these issues. I have tried disabling the IG video but to no luck same issue. Is it possible I have a defective ryzen chip?