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Admins, Devs W5500 what are the real specs?

Question asked by mutantxdvd on Oct 15, 2020

Hello, i have a w5500 card and online and on techpowerup database and GPU-z , there are inaccurate information about the specs on the w5500, this is what it reads on the gpu-z using 20.q1 drivers, when i use the latest drivers, it barely shows anything.


also notice how it shows boost is 1900mhz, which i think is correct, but the pixel fillrates are off as well, and is the card 256bit or 128bit?

AMD Radeon Pro W5500 Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database 

notice the fillrates are off from the gpu-z.


Seems like the w5500 isn't being detected right in gpu-z and i can't seem to find a correct data unless i open up my control panel.