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Kernel crashes if loop cycles too high in too many items

Question asked by infovel on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by infovel

My items run variable number of loop cycles, from 1 to X, and when X is relatively low, on the ballpark of 16k, the entire work completes successfully.

When X grows to 65k, and the percentage of items that reach this figure is also low, on the ballpark of 100-200k, the work also completes successfully.

But if the percentage of the items that reach 65k loop iterations grows to 300-500k, the AMD driver crashes and restarts itself, rendering the application dead.

Is this the expected behavior? Are there any methods to overcome this limitation?

I tested this on the HD5000 and 7000 series under Catalyst 15.7 and Crimson 20 drivers, with the same results.