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Different RAM clock and/or CAS latency per channel for Ryzen 3700X?

Question asked by tfuto on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by black_zion

I currently have 2x16GB 3600 MHz CL16 RAM installed. I would like to add 2x32 GB, without sacrificing the performance of the original 2x16GB. My questions:


1. Is this configuration possible?( 2x16GB + 2x32GB)


2. Are the two RAM channel completely independent? (Can they run on different clocks, and have different CAS latency?)


3. Specifically,
  3a. Can I add 2x32 GB with lower clock frequency (e.g.3200 Mhz) and keep the 2x16GB RAM performance?
  3b. Can I add 2z32 GB with a different CAS latency and keep the 2x16GB RAM performance?
  3c. Would for example an addition of 2666 MGz CL19 RAM affect in any way the performance of the 3600 MHz CL16 RAM?

4. If adding a different frequency RAM with different CAS latency possible, what is the best way to populate the RAM channels?


5. How can I tell the OS to use the fast RAM for OS and the slower RAM for caching, memory filesystem, etc. (Win10)