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AMD Link on Android TV, latency problem

Question asked by robertmoore95 on Oct 12, 2020

I'm having trouble getting AMD link app to work properly on my Android TV (Nvidia Shield).

I have a PC in another room running a 3950x and Radeon Vii, a hard line cat 6 cable connecting to a router and the android TV in the living room, so there should be minimal issues getting a good connection.


What I'm finding is when I do the test its very inconsistent with the results ranging from 22ms to 200ms, and when I have the stats on the screen while streaming a game the latency starts off really good like 22ms and the experience is very good, but after like 5 mins it shoots up to 200ms and the image then has lots of smearing, artefacts and lag and is unplayable it doesn't go back down again.


When I go back to the AMD link menu and then jump back into the game it drops down to 22ms again and repeat.


I've tried the different encoder methods x264 seems to be more reliable but still has the latency issues.


Is this a known issue or do I need to check something on my network? Or is this a Android TV setting?

I really would like to get this to work to enjoy casual gaming in the living room remote from the pc.