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Lenovo g405 usb 3.0

Question asked by giveandgetsupport on Oct 12, 2020

Lenovo G405 Windows 7 USB 3.0   Laptop has 2 usb 3.0 ports and one 2.0 port. Cannot get the usb 3.0 ports to work.

Formerly they were working on an older win7 install. I tried to get device manager to find them off the image of the old win7 but no go. 


Lenovo has about 3-4 driver packages but none listed for the G405 lenovo laptop. Also tried a package from MS to activate the 3.0 ports. Tried one or two from amd. None of these worked or they did not install correctly.


device manager shows several inoperative devices; sm bus control,universal serial bus (usb) controller (nodb), usb 2.0.


Using an image from the old win7 where the usb 3.0 ports were working, i got the sm bus to install correctly. The universal serial bus controller installed but then I got an error message saying AMD USB 3.0 Host Controller did not install correct-cannot find driver.


Everest reports the Host controller (i think) is: PCI\VEN|1022&DEV_7814&SUBSYS_380217AA&REV_01--location: system32\drivers\pci.sys#65536,pci bus%1,device.. irq 05%1,device.. irq 05


I KNOW there are drivers for this that will work. But try finding them ha!  Any sincere helpful assistance most appreciated.