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update killed my gpu

Question asked by adeininger93 on Oct 11, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by defectivebydesign

I did a windows update today, after the restart AMD was not found on my PC, looked up on the website noticing that my Radeon 480Rx needed an update from 9/29. After the update. it required a restart during the initial boot up it was just a black screen.  after 5 hours of diagnosing the issue. My GPU was the issue. my PC only works when the GPU is out of the PC where I have to be plugged directly into the motherboard to type this. SO as a loyal AMD user who has sent countless of information through your own product id like a new Radeon 480 RX simply for me trying to do the right thing and getting burned for it... IF I do not receive the product I will take my business else where probably to your competition Nividia.