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very strange no longer able to get 75hz.

Question asked by fendertelemusik on Oct 10, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2020 by pokester

Up until last week i had been using my Ryzen 2200g's integrated graphics.


I had my 4k tv hooked up via hdmi and my 75hz monitor hooked up using a dvi to hdmi cable as the mobo only had 1 hdmi and 1 dvi... so bought the dvi to hdmi cable to connect my monitor.


This week i got my rx580 and disabled the integrated.


Hooked the tv up with hdmi like before and got 4k.... then hooked my monitor up with the same cable to the rx580 dvi output... and all of a sudden cant get above 60hz ????


Same cable same method... only difference no longer the mobo/igpu but using the dgpu......


Just to make sure it wasnt the gfx card i hooked the monitor up to the rx580s hdmi output and got 75hz no problem.... but i need the hdmi for the 4k res on my tv.


Why would i no longer be able to get 75hz over the exact same cable on the rx580 that i did on the igpu for the 2200g ?